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WME worked with Amazon’s D.C. offices on the planning and execution of Amazon’s Prime Day Celebration on July 11th, 2017. WME focused on showcasing Amazon’s diverse offerings in the e-commerce marketplace by¬†transforming three interactive rooms each with a different product theme at the Nation Union Building in downtown D.C.

Upon entering the National Union Building, guests were escorted to a custom decorated elevator branded inside and out as an Amazon Prime box. Once inside of the elevator, guests had the experience of being inside of an Amazon Prime box looking out.

The second floor welcomed guests to the first interactive room featuring entertainment options Amazon offers such as the new Amazon Element Smart T.V. with rolling previews of upcoming Amazon Original series. For decor, WME chose to brand this room with an LED Bar displaying Amazon Prime Day’s assets, branded windows appearing as curtain drapes, Amazon Original and award-wining series posters on the walls and a projected live Twitter-feed for Prime Day. In keeping with the home theatre concept, Susan Gage caterers provided a mini-slider bar and mini caramel and cheddar popcorn for guests.

Flowing into the second interactive room, guests walked past an illuminated wall installation of the Amazon Smile. The second room featured a fresh seafood bar to mimic the feel of the Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle, home of the e-commerce company’s headquarters, as well as fresh salad bar and a mini grilled cheese station. For decor, many of Amazon’s fantastic Prime Day branding assets were hung on the walls and incorporated hues of bright blues, greens and pink lights to make the room pop with energy.

The third interactive room was creatively staged to resemble a bookstore, reflecting Amazon’s corporate roots. Flowing down the stairs, guests were greeted with a branded staircase to resemble a bookshelf, while the second set of stairs displayed Amazon Prime facts. Our talented vendors helped our vision become reality by creating custom “curtains” on the windows, and building a custom book shelf bar to help serve espresso-themed cocktails.

WME incorporated creative touches to the event such as a custom photo booth and GIF booth for guests to take home as a gift, custom branded Amazon pillows on all of the lounge furniture, an interactive DJ and a specialty cocktail in each of the three rooms to tie in each room’s theme.

The last and final touch was securing the historic Speakeasy in the basement of the National Union Building for Amazon’s VIP reception. The Speakeasy showcased a 1930s decor and fit about 75 people for an intimate space to wrap up a fantastic Prime Day celebration.

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