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Throughout the nation’s capital and nation-wide, we have a vast network of vendors and strategic relationships in order to effectively plan and execute every facet of your event, from start to finish.

WME has organized and executed hundreds of successful events and fundraisers for corporations, associations, non-profits, political candidates, private clients, celebrities and everyone in between.

Here are the event services we can provide:

Corporate Event Planning

From client dinners to book signings to annual meetings, we specialize in corporate events. We’ve worked in the industry for 16+ years. Get a closer look at the corporate event planning services we offer here.


Branding goes beyond just your logo and extends to every touch point you have with clients, donors, and employees. Get a closer look at the branding services we offer here.

Event Management & Logistics

There is a lot more that goes into a seamlessly perfect investor dinner than choosing between the steak or salmon. Don’t sweat the small details, we’ve got it covered. Get a closer look at the event management and logistics services we offer here.

Business Development Services

Targeting a strategic audience for your company is important. Having the right person in the right room at the right time can be the key to growing your business. Get a closer look at the business development services we offer here.

This is WME. We have a passion for memorable events.